Mystery fans!

This weekend I did the best possible plan in NYC. We were 15 friends in a bachelorette party for a friend that is getting married next month. Forget spas, strippers (or leave them for the night) and all other typical activities; a Scavenger Hunt is THE BEST way to start an intense and fun girls in town day.

At the entrance of the Met, all of us with our bride-to-be dressed as the Mona Lisa, such a perfect and fun costume for this part of the bachelorette. Literally, people stopped her to take pictures…

We choose to do it with Watson Adventures that organizes everything for you ( but you can always do it yourselves. With WA you choose a location and theme for the hunt, ours: a murder at the Met. We got divided in 3 teams of 5 each and had 2 hours to solve a Agatha Christie worthy mystery.

The happiest person in the Met when discovering a clue. I was so into the role with my glasses and raincoat. The thrill is insane, you really want to beat your friends and you only have 2 hours, the clock is ticking… I have to admit I got a little competitive!! but it paid off as team inspector gadget won, yey!!!!!!

Inspector Gadget team with our trophies.

So who killed your victim??? Ain’t easy, so good luck.