Today at the New York Botanic Garden, couldn’t miss the Orchid Show by Patrick Blanc, huge discovery and can’t wait to have a terrace with a wall to try some of this… In a modest way!

Vertical orchid garden

Vertical Orchid Garden

Vertical Orchid gardens, my favorite wall, classic white mixed with fancy pink/red ones with funny names.

What I call the sac spider

What I call The Spider Sac Orchid, real name Slipper Orchid. Thought it was the koolest most vicious orchid of all… They are known for their slipper-shaped pouches (the sac) to trap insects so they are forced to climb up leaving what fertilizes the flower inside.

Loved it!

Under the Arc de Orchid

Cover-up Orchid

Best way to cover ugly necessary metal pipe.

End of my adventure in the NYBG, definitely going back and recommending everyone to find a sunny day to go for a walk with a good friend among flowers. Get inspired.