Is it only me or is suddenly Coconut Water everywhere? Wanted to see what it was all about and found the following…


  • helps promote weight loss
  • boost your immune system
  • fight viruses
  • boost poor circulation
  • aids digestion by removing toxins
  • boost thyroid health
  • carries nutrients and oxygen to cells
  • helps break up kidney stones
  • great for liver problems such as hepatitis
  • reduce urinary problems
  • great for hangovers
  • contains calcium,magnesium and phosphorus


Its a bit pricy…but worth it!

The best coconut water that I came across is HARMLESS HARVEST. It is completely organic and raw. Most of the bottled coconut waters that you can find in the supermarkets are pasteurized, meaning that most of the good things of coconut water are lost, but not HARMLESS HARVEST this one is treated by HPP; a high tech process which helps keep the water fresh and save as if you were drinking it straight from the coconut.

(Images taken from their web)